Changes which are done:

Attached pictures can be shown as picture
If an attachment is a picture you can choose to show it as a picture in your lists. If you click on the picture it will be shown in full size. See your account settings to turn this feature on or off.
ToDo list: Done items are per default hidden
The items with status equal to done are not shown by default. On the toolbar a button is added to include (or exclude) these items. This keeps the list shorter and gives a focus on active items.
Tables per category
The list types 'General list' and 'ToDo list' have a category per item. You have now the choice to show everything in this list in one table, or to have a table per category. Assume you have a list about travel addresses, then you could use the category for 'hotel', 'camping', 'B&B', .... Thus now you have these addresses in one table, or a table for 'hotel', a table for 'camping', etc. Note: Email exports is always a single table, you can do the filtering to your liking in excel.
References are added
In 'General lists' and 'Todo lists' you have now the option to add references. First create the item, then edit it to add a reference. The tool recognizes if a reference is a clickable link. If so then it is presented as a link, otherwise as info. Usage: Add references to websites, books, etc.
Open / Collapse items
On top of a list, you find action buttons. One of them is to open/collapse the items, meaning for a Todo list it hides the comments, for a general list it hides the attachements and references. This way you have a shorter list and better overview by hiding details. If an item contains attachments or references then this item is clickable. By clicking on this single item, it's attachments and referendes are shown or hidden.
Font size
The font is made a bit smaller; font height: changed from 14 pixels to 12 pixels