FAQ / Help

Why do I have to register?
Registering is required because your data is only accessible by you and not by anybody else. So the tool needs to know who you are to be able to file your data and to present your data. Note: It is possible to share lists with one or more other users.
When I share a list, who is the list owner?
Only the creator of a list can share this list with other persons. Thus when you share a list with for instance Karen, then Karen cannot add other users to this list. The creator of the list is the list owner and is the only person able to define with whom this list is shared.
Where can I add an attachment?
The general list, todo list and todo comments are items to which you can attach one or more attachments to. Take a todo comment as example: the attachment is part of this comment and is shown as such. Assume you added an attachment and later you or a shared user changes the content and uploads that file again as part of a comment. The result is that both files are kept visible and are presented as part of the item to which they belong. So you can easily track who made a change or improvment or suggestion to the attachment. You can think of this as a lifecyle of the attached data.