Contact information

If you want to get in contact with me, then please send an email.

This software is hosted at a professional service provider, space is limited and your files are on the hosts' server. For non-confidential information this is not an issue. It's the same as putting your data on onedrive, dropbox, etc. So your data is safe to the same level when compared to such cloud services.

If you consider to use this application within your organization or business where the data is stored on your servers, then you need the server-side software. Your data is then kept on your server, within your organization, compliant to your security rules. You can hire the source code for this purpose.

In case you need specific functionality, such as a workflow, or a different set of fields in a list, then we can support you with that. You are invited to send a mail to the above mentioned address to discuss the possibilities or to ask for a quotation.